How do I get my sample inserts reconditioned at no cost?

Simply call (423) 426-0128 or email us using our contact page. Let us know what style and grade of insert you need to have reconditioned. After using your OEM insert, place the inserts back into individually segregated protective packaging (original casing works fine) and ship them to us – we’ll take care of the rest. You will¬†receive¬†your inserts in a new package for testing at your facility in 5 days if uncoated or 10 days if coating is required. We are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with your test inserts that you will want take advantage of our services from that point forward!

What types of inserts can K&S recondition?

We can recondition most styles of turning, grooving, and braze tool products in various materials. These include carbide, ceramic, CBN, and PCD products.

What types of coatings can K&S reapply?

We can provide PVD coatings in the form of TiN, TiAIN, AlTiN, and TiCN. Product originally coated with the CVD coating process can be PVD coated with TiN or AlTiN coatings. Due to the properties of CVD coatings, reapplication of CVD coating is not possible.

What lead times do K&S provide?

Once we receive your product, we will have your reconditioned product back to you…

  • in five (5) days for uncoated product.
  • in ten (10) days for coated product

Contact Info:

Phone: (423) 426-0128

119 B & F Road
Jonesborough, TN 37659