We can save you up to 30% on your indexable insert and brazed tool costs!

Suppose a given carbide insert has an original purchase price of $10. When this insert becomes worn, traditionally it must then be replaced by another $10 insert.

Utilize our services and we will take your original insert:

  • Recondition the Cutting Edge
  • Reapply the T-Land or Hone
  • Recoat the Insert
  • Return it to You in New, Distinct, Orange Packaging
  • You Save 40%-50% over the cost of a new insert

Here’s how regrinding your insert only once will affect your bottom line:

$10 Original Insert Cost + $5.00 Reconditioning Cost = $15.00 Total Cost

This means you get 2 complete uses for $15. That’s $7.50 per use! When compared to using a brand new insert for each use ($20 Total Cost) you save 25%!

If the same insert can be reground a second time, the costs are reduced even further! Total cost would then be $20, instead of $30 for three brand new inserts. That’s a 33% savings!

As you can see, the saving can really add up, especially when you’re using CBN or PCD inserts with an original cost of $25 to $50 each!

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